2NE1, Come Back Home
My heart is deep, deeper than the sea The words that I really want to say to you is be with me /
173/500 wolf era pics.
Exo  Lay 

he’s a lil boxer 

Exo  Kai 


Exo  Xiumin 
Exo  Suho 
Exo  Kris 
Today, it’s just words but girl I’ll try
Exo  Sehun 

Exo  Luhan 
Exo  Kris 
Exo  Luhan 

notice me, please. look into my eyes.

Exo  Suho  Chen 
Exo  Sehun 


EXO in lyricism (17/) → Iron & Wine “Innocent Bones” requested by withoutyouicannotbe

“And even the last of the blue-eyed babies know
that the burning man is the color of the end of day
and how every tongue that gets bit always has another word to say”

Exo  Sehun 

Exo Stardium (༎ຶ௰༎ຶ)

Exo  OT12 


Exo  Luhan